Trade Exhibition: aeronautics to (re)launch your career

Yesterday, many candidates, CVs under their arms, had to wait long minutes before they could approach some recruiters present at the job fair, which was held at the Espace Trenet, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Airbus stand, in particular, was coveted. Others, a little less. However, each of the 26 companies present yesterday had many positions to offer.

This was the case, for example, of the Frégate Group, which has its offices in Ardèche and Var, in Signes. This manufacturer of metal parts for large aeronautical groups had no less than 25 positions to offer. The two employees present yesterday therefore relied heavily on this exhibition, the first in the department exclusively dedicated to aeronautics, and jointly organized by Synergie, the City of Salon, Pôle emploi and the local Mission of the Pays salonais.

It is clearly an advantage for us to participate in an exhibition exclusively dedicated to aeronautics. It allows us to benefit from a pool of candidates interested in the sector. The downside is that we are far from Salon and that for the workers’ positions we are looking for, the candidates here are not necessarily very mobile,” confided Agnès Perez, head of human resources at Groupe Frégate.

Candidates were living in the lounge, indeed, we met many of them in the aisles of the Trenet space. That was Julien’s case. This 29-year-old engineer had just completed three interviews at Safran, Airbus and Akka. “The recruiters were looking for a first contact. They want to know who we are, why we’re applying to them. But it’s these fairs, it’s a change from the usual application system where, in our sector, a lot of things are done on the Internet. Now we’re not just a PDF resume. There’s a visual contact.

For Delphine Leignel, this meeting between the candidate and the recruiter is essential. The Regional Director of Synergy explains why: “Aeronautics is a sector in which companies are struggling to recruit. More than a candidate who perfectly meets their expectations with regard to diplomas, they are looking for a certain know-how and are ready, if the person is motivated, to train them internally. This is why this show can interest all types of public: people who have already graduated in aeronautics, those undergoing retraining or those who are simply looking for information on these professions. They are then directed to the training centres present this morning (yesterday NDLR).

It was for a possible reconversion that Dorothée, 53, pushed the doors of the Trenet space yesterday. Plan of the forum in her hands, she didn’t really know where to start. “I don’t know all these companies. I am a salesman and I am looking for work. I read that the aeronautics sector was dynamic, so I started. I have a background in import-export, I’m ready to change jobs if interesting opportunities arise.

Certainly, there were some yesterday in the Trenet space. Indeed, no less than 350 jobs were to be filled.